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TEK4VALUE e DammiUn5 s.r.l. cercano nuovo personale - Agosto 2008. TEK4VALUE e DammiUn5 s.r.l. cercano personale per la loro rete commerciale e per lo sviluppo del loro innovativo prodotto/servizio Click for details..

DammiUn5 Company Start Up - July 3rd 2008. On July 3rd, 2008 DammUn5 S.r.L. has been founded starting its innovative products/services for Micro and Small Medium Enterprises Click for details..

TEK4VALUE partner of Politecnico di Milano - June, 2008. TEK4VALUE is partner of the mOve team of the Politecnico di Milano (MOtor VEhicle control team) collaborating on filtering of data sets for maritime applications.

TEK4VALUE innovative service awarded by Regione Lombardia - April 14th, 2008. TEK4VALUE partners has been awarded by a Regione Lombardia funding established to contribute to the foundation of new enterprises for innovative services Click for details..

TEK4VALUE and Politecnico di Milano applied for a patent - March 2008. Applied for a patent developed in the frame of our contract "Analysis and Development of algorithm for the attitude estimation of maritime vehicles" Click for details..

Research Contract to Politecnico di Milano - September 7th 2007. TEK4VALUE signed a contract with Dip. di Elettronica e Informazione for a joint research activity on attitude estimation of maritime vehicles Click for details..

TEK4VALUE Professionals and Partners search - July 13rd 2007. Now TEK4VALUE is moving to become a more complex organization, please click here to see what we are looking for.

TEK4VALUE for Marine sector - May 4th 2007. TEK4VALUE awarded for development support contract in the marine sector of the FP6 research program  Click for details..

On April 30th 2007. TEK4VALUE joined the open-source community by adopting the OpenOffice suite for its activities   Click for details..

TEK4VALUE in GALILEO - March 23rd 2007. TEK4VALUE awarded Galileo support contract   Click for details..

AGILE Satellite into orbit - April 23rd 2007. Today PLSV-C8 Indian Rocket successfully put the AGILE satellite into orbit at an altitude of 550 Km.   Click for detail..

TEK4VALUE foundation - February 14th 2007. Managing partners founded the company during an unstructured and unexpected event.

TEK4VALUE is an innovative Solutions Factory where projects and ideas meet people and technologies, delivering effective solutions to companies and organizations in the following sectors:

Aerospace, ICT-egovernment, Robotics & Automation, Intelligent Transportation Systems and Telecommunications.

TEK4VALUE is a strong team of Professionals and Partners with technologies, tools, competencies and experiences to design, together with you, skilful and flexible solutions. We provide the capability to identify and apply technologies, driving technical and management issues.

Then, if you are looking for:

  • technical and management skills and competencies for driving technology complexity
  • technologies, tools and specialist for improving and innovate your product/service
  • a smart idea to solve a critical situation

TEK4VALUE is your Partner sharing with you targets, needs and responsibilities; we consider concluded our involvement only when the proposed solution has been designed, planned and applied with satisfactory and sustainable results.

Therefore, we invite you to discover with us how to be Solution driven, but please pay attention: we do not provide tips and buzzwords, we achieve tangible results.