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Technologies Directory and Injector

We translate in innovation projects and solutions the worldwide availability of technologies, closing the gap between research and industry.

TEK4VALUE is organized as a network of scientific and technology worldwide leader among universities, research centres, development agencies, public institution, high-tech companies and technologies brokers.

The TEK4VALUE Scientific Advisory Board drives a network where each member acts as technological group leader for a specified discipline, fosters the emergence of technologies and maintains the contacts with the academia and research sectors, to:

  • perform a screening of technology to be included in Technologies Directory where they are classified and ranked in terms of readiness, expected profitability, investment size, patent, etc..
  • promote structured opportunities fostering the emergence of latent solutions/technologies via dedicated meetings, events, networking, and partnerships.
  • support TEK4VALUE when acting as the Injector Tool for the company that desire to introduce the identified technology and obtain the innovation in its products/services, processes, or market.