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On Friday May 4th, 2007 TEK4VALUE starts its activity in the marine sector.

In the framework of an International Research programme related to the marine sector we have been involved in the definition and development of the next generation of GNSS based decision support system for master/pilot of commercial and passengers ships.

The system assists masters/pilot in all the operation related to approach and dock into harbours in anytime conditions and it is based on an onboard unit with GNSS capabilities and an ashore server connected via a wireless broadband network to the on board units.  The system provides on board continuous estimate of the ship motion, cartographic's static and dynamic information constituted by :

  • Neighbour vessels position and identification information
  • Port authority legal information
  • Weather condition and forecast
  • Tide condition and forecast
  • Hydrographical information
  • etc..

The system chief objectives are:

  • To improve the safety and efficiency of waterborne traffic
  • To improve the fairway usability and accessibility for vessels with dimensions that are going to reach the minimum limits of the fairway by collecting, processing and employing dynamic parameters of the vessel and the environment.
  • Integration of the safety and efficiency related information exchange between the relevant stakeholders in a VTM.

The system is characterized by compactness and usability that joined with the required high performances imposes challenging technological issues that have been successfully solved.

The project is introducing noteworthy innovation in the reference sector. The design activity is supported by a research contract awarded by TEK4VALUE to Dipartimento di Elettronica e Informazione – Politecnico di Milano, Italy.