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Methodologies & Models

To be successful as Solutions Manager requires method and reference model. Looking to the available methodologies and existing approaches we didn’t find something to be considered satisfactory for providing effective solutions and results to our customer.

Moreover, dealing with the intrinsic uncertainty of the innovation projects influences the achievement of the success when boundary factors are not completely known at the beginning. Often the customer does not even have a clear picture of its actual objective that must be revealed during project implementation.

Under these conditions the traditional approaches, mainly based on the problem analysis, planning, resources allocation, implementation & control, and re-planning cycle is quite difficult to be successful. Frequent variations into surrounding conditions destroy the efficiency of such approaches and make  managers and teams confused.

Therefore, based on our more than 20 year of professional and academic experience, we developed two proprietary methodology and model:

  • Solutions Project Management: a consolidated and innovative methodology for innovation management fitted to highly dynamic and uncertain environment where the traditional planning approaches are risky and inefficient. SPM approaches the problem and provides System Solutions considering all the aspects from the conceptual phase up to the solution implementation and guaranteeing the management & control of the exploited resources (human, technology and financial resources). 
  • Technology Directory and Injector Model: there are several examples of technology Transfer Company or institutional initiatives but mainly fails in their mission. The reason is that they are not able to effective fill the gap between industry and research sectors; this is mainly a cultural problem but also a lack of organization. Our model fill this gap providing a working scheme to our network and an easy approach for the evaluation of the technology needs and the referential cultural scheme between customer and technology provider.

For more info and articles about our methodologies and models, please send an email to info@tek4value.com with your reference and needs.