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The success of our company is primarily due to our people, their experience, competence and above all their innovative approach in doing things.  Obviously, this is reflected also in our managerial organization. 

Unluckily we are not in the position to provide you with a classical organigram tree, we are not that!  We do not believe in hierarchical, rigid company organization aiming to the “divide and conquer”.  We believe that “the whole is more than the sum of its parts” and in the “emergence of novel and coherent ideas, patterns and properties during the process of self-coordination of heterogeneous but harmonized organization”. 

Our management is made of a pool of people, each one with precise duties, and working within a network of relationships sharing the TEK4VALUE philosophy.

The TEK4VALUE management is composed by a Board of Directors with financial, administrative, management, marketing and technical duties and the TEK4VALUE Scientific Advisory Board. 

The former is responsible for operative activities of the company including the innovation projects management. The Scientific Advisory Board drives a network where each member acts as technological group leader for a specified discipline, fostering the emergence of technologies and maintaining the contacts with the academia and research sectors.